We Promote Cycling

We aim to promote cycling for physical health and mental well-being and reduce carbon emissions. We do this by engaging with community groups and campaigning for better access for all.


Play your part in Cycle for Africa's latest appeals, activities, events, fundraisers and opportunities to speak out.

Cycle for a Healthy Mind

We are visiting schools and working with young people to promote the health benefits of cycling.

Use a bike for journeys less than two miles
We encourage everyone to consider using their bike for journeys less than two miles—to save money, lose weight, and reduce carbon emissions.
Cycle to the match
We are campaigning to make all our favourite sports venues bike-friendly. This will help us stay fit for our favourite football, rugby, and cricket matches.
Take a Pilgrimage

Create and design a long-distance cycle route and raise money for this fantastic charity.

Support one of our campaigns and empower people to get on their bike.